Coming to a Close

As the saying goes, "all good things must come to an end", such is true with Titus Design. We've decided to close down at the end of March 2021—a strong 5 year run from when we started. We've met so many fantastic people along the way and have built so many amazing products, so it was not easy to make this decision. However, the time has come for all of us to move on to bigger and more exciting adventures.

The five of us started this company with a simple mission: turning the visions and ideas of small business owners to reality on the Internet. On behalf of our team, I can state with confidence that we met that goal, and often times exceeded it. We learned a great deal along the way about the businesses that we collaborated with, and grew close with many of them. We shared conversations and ideas with individuals from all walks of life on all corners of the world, and we will continue to cherish those moments well after Titus's doors are closed.

We want to thank everyone we've worked with for granting us the opportunity to provide our services, and for making these last 5 years an absolute pleasure. My special thanks goes out to Bryce for being such a great co-founder and friend.

Peter Abbondanzo
Co-Founder, Titus Design LLC