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We are Titus Design, a small graphic and website design company dedicated towards bringing your ideas to the Internet. We’ll implement your website around your budget. Reach out to us today and we will be happy to start your next adventure.

Don’t let getting a website stress you out.

Eliminate your stress of looking for deals and everything else, let Titus Design do it for you! We offer everything you will need for your online side of things! Take a look!

Be the first result on Google. Marketing is all about promoting your image, and we are here to help. We can build you a customized campaigns to reach your target market.


Our services are over 60% cheaper than the average designer’s cost. We area small team of individuals who are just sticking our feet in the water, building our brand like you are.

Custom Email

Build your trust with your customers by showing you care about a branded email. Recipients who see your custom email will be inclined to visit your website and view your services.

Web Implementation

The first step in building your web presence is having a fully-functional website for your customers to visit. We will customize a website fitted for your needs.


Picture this

You’ve been working hard, trying to attract customers to your business. You have yet to tackle that behemoth of a tool, the Internet. Maybe you’ve already attempted to set up a site, but it’s certainly not optimized. Maintaining social media isn’t hard, but it’s certainly time consuming and you believe that it isn’t paying off for you. That’s where Titus Design come in.

We’ll give your business an online presence. Why stop at a Facebook page when you could have a fully functional site that you had built specifically for your business? Email customers directly from the same domain. Track users in just a few clicks. Your business has so much potential and you’ve yet to unlock it.

Unlock My Potential
What we do for you
  • Website Optimization
  • Website Construction
  • Website Maintenance
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Maintenance
Our Specialties
  • Web Programming
  • Graphic & UI Design
  • Customer Support
  • Marketing
  • Coffee Brewing
Before Titus team got their hands on it

This website had no centralized content or call to action buttons above the fold. Once Titus Design Team got their hands on it… well we made something truly beautiful. Take a look!

CloudStrategies CloudStrategies
After the Titus Design Team got to work our magic

A beautiful, sleek website that fits everything the business needed. Something the owner loved, and the users loved (since bounce rate dropped nearly 75%) . That’s the Titus way.

Amount of the time your dreams come true after contacting us

It’s time you make your dream a reality

No excuses. We are 100% willing to make any ideas you have a reality for you. Want a slider with images of bunnies to be your main attraction? So be it. We are here for you.

It doesn’t have to be bunnies, but bunnies are in fact cute. Speaking of bunnies, have you checked out our other projects? They’re as amazing as bunnies.


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Project Snow

Project Snow

Android Application


Discover, Adopt, & Manage

When you want a design done, Peter and his team can do it. He listens to what you want done and goes through with it. Never had I had a bad experience when paying for their services. They do amazing work.

EpikOwner of Rogue Services

I am so impressed with what Titus Design has done for me. They worked tirelessly to complete my website, Bonne Vie Café, and did it all for an amazing price. If I ever need work done again, I’m going to these guys first.

Arman ShahOwner of Bonne Vie Cafe

Polite, rapid, and professional. Titus Design finished my website in a fraction of the time I expected them to, and designed it exactly how I wanted with little details from me.

Saic HeavenFounder of Project Snow

Design, its not just what it feels and looks like.

Design is how it works.

-Steve Jobs

Here at Titus Design, when you get a website we promise you it will look great and your users will love it! So will you! We also promise that every function on your website will be working and looking great. We will spend all our time on your website until we get it done with the result you are happy with!

How we can help you

Making sure we can get you an affordable website | SEO/Marketing | Web & UI Design | Standing out in the crowd | Help you establish your web presence with a fully functional website for you and your customers |

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