When approached by Arman, we already had an idea in mind about just how we could execute a showcase of a restaurant and bakery like his. All we needed to do was discuss colors and hours of operation. As part of the original project, he had requested that we provide him with a template for future updates given he may need to add or subtract from his main menu features. We did just that.

The site features a total of eight sections including the footer on the landing page. Users can interact with content above and below the fold as they see fit, and a large menu button is outlined explicitly in the navigation menu. Users can also book reservations and leave restaurant reviews right from the site.


Bonne Vie Café Website Template


Arman Shah

What We Did

UI/UX Design, Responsive Web Design, Restaurant Reservation Integration

Simplicity is

A Beautiful Thing

This was our motto and driving force behind much of the design work done to create this site.