When we met with CloudStrategies, their site was far from optimized. Conversion and bounce rates were abysmal. The main culprit was the fact that the content centered above the fold could not be interacted with. When we set up a heatmap to collect and record data on visiting customers, we found evidence of these users trying to click on areas within the “featured” image or on other page elements that were not clickable. We knew this had to be fixed.

We started by implementing a slider to feature relevant content and promotions that new users should be greeted with instantly. We also optimized the content to feature what was only going to translate into conversions. The optimal amount of content delivered above the fold was met, as the bounce rate alone dropped 75-80% the months following our assistance.


Fix content layout above the fold and in select pages.


CloudStrategies, Inc.

What We Did

HTML/CSS development, content optimization, latency reduction


We made sure that users were lead in the right directly when they visit, and that much of the clicking can be made above the fold.

Easy Interface

A simple-to-navigate interface combined with some simple controls converts to happiness for both the client and business.

Expanding Ideas

After we set up the site for CloudStrategies, we taught them how to modify future content at the click of a button.


We made sure that every single image and item on the page was compressed so that loading times would be reduced.