FFO Squad came to us with a desire for perfection. They required a clean website that users could easily navigate and we knew we could deliver. The site also needed to showcase a little bit about FFO Squad’s core features while not consuming the users’ time. In addition to the landing page, FFO had also requested the construction of a forums board so users may communicate with one another outside their game lobbies.¬†

On the landing page, the site features 6 main navigation links that allows new and current members to find and join various FFO platforms. Users can use the Teamspeak, Discord, and Steam Group links to launch desktop communication platforms. The remainder of the page showcases four core features of FFO and an in-game screenshot. From this page, users can also navigate to the forums board where they can sign up for free and interact with each other. The MyBB theme was customized to fit the needs of FFO specifically.


FFO Squad Landing and Forums


FFO Squad

What We Did

UI/UX Design, Responsive Web Design, Forums Integration, MyBB Customization

Can We

Say This?

Despite the true name behind the acronym FFO, we worked for a professional group of individuals who were more than pleased with our work.