Nihkil was one of our very first clients who needed a concept design for his new website, “Flipster”. His idea was a cross between Craiglist and eBay, where users could select to negotiate trades via the online interface and then meet in person to exchange. Users maintained rankings through their reputation, and all sales and purchases were handled by a proximity search.

We designed the concept pages in Photoshop for their developer to implement. Each page was organized in a fashion that was pleasant to the eye but still enriched by features.


Flipster Website Concept



What We Did

Design a concept for a website



In order to design the concepts, we utilized Photoshop to deliver what Nihkil was looking for. Photoshop allowed us to make small tweaks without having to change code.


by Page

Each page was individually designed, down to the content that was going to be featured in individual tabs on the pages themselves.