We were approached by Saic Heaven to design and develop an interactive dashboard for his application Project Snow. The site was to include five feature-rich pages where the user could sign in and view registered device information. The user also had to be able to view all of the information in live time. In no more than a few days time, Saic’s website was up and running.

We began by designing the layout in Photoshop. Once we created the mockup, we built the page from scratch to deliver the best possible look. In order to account for cross-browser capabilities, we tailored the design to work on every platform.


Project Snow Dashboard Design


Saic Heaven

What We Did

Design a dashboard layout for Project Snow

Starting with


Each page was designed inside Photoshop before we began. This was so that we had an accurate idea of what Saic needed by communicating these designs.


the Code

Now came the fun part. We had to replicate the designs using HTML & CSS. An easy job that came out beautifully.